Friday, November 26, 2010

Golden Umbrella in Redding, CA

As part of the United Way of Northern California, Golden Umbrella addresses needs in the community, and they are focused on the needs of our Senior Community. They are doing a great job…and the following is an excerpt from their web page

Health, Nutrition, and Our Daily Meals
The health of the Shasta County Senior was of prime concern to us. It was one of the problems to which the advocates gave their close attention.

We had retired registered nurses who volunteered to take blood pressures. In the Fiscal Year 77/78 they took 900 blood pressures. When the first flu shots were first available the Shasta County Health Nurses came to the Golden Umbrella and 297 shots were given.

The Golden Umbrella helped the Nutrition Program get started in Shasta County and also helped it expand. The Nutrition Program under Title VII of the Older American Act is a state funded program under the California Department on Aging. The Golden Umbrella participated in the Nutrition Program from March 1974 to January 1975 until Mercy Hospital became the grantee and sponsor.

I guess you can say Our Daily Meals started on May 17, 1970 when we had the Center Grand Opening. It expanded after the years of the Nutrition Program and had served 9,938 meals in 1978.

This was from their “history page”, and kind of gives us an idea of how they started. Today, Golden Umbrella is a major player in the north state as we address the fact that the senior population is growing each day. The United Way is proud to be associated with this fine organization serving the needs of our community.


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