Friday, August 27, 2010

"Color" Announcer for the High School Game of the Week

I will be joining Aaron Williams of the Record Searchlight (formerly Sports Editor) on Fox Sports Radio in Redding, CA to broadcast the high school “Game of the Week”. It all starts next week, and I will be doing the “color” portion of the broadcast, which is pretty much everything other than the play calling, which Aaron will do. So, in preparation for knowing a little about each of the teams that we will be covering over the 10 game schedule, I have been visiting each of the team practices….and have visited, although briefly, Shasta High, Enterprise High, and today, Central Valley High. One thing is becoming very obvious…we are in for a good season. These kids are working hard, and looking as if they are really enjoying it, although it has been almost a hundred degrees each day, and some excellent teaching and coaching is going on. All 3 of the head coaches are class guys; are in it for the kids; and are doing a great deal of “teaching’ during the practices. It is very impressive, and we, here in the North State, are very fortunate to have this caliber of quality coaches, and people, working with our high school kids.

So, we are in for a good season…and I am looking forward to doing my part to bring high school sports into the homes of the North State residents….it is AM 1670, KNRO, Fox Sports Radio…and it all starts next Friday, Sept 3rd at 7 PM. Hope you can join us for exciting high school football.

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