Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Redding Real Estate and Trader Joe's

Redding Real Estate and Trader Joe's

Posted May 05, 2009 at 23:16 PM


Redding Real Estate Just Went Up in Value.....because Trader Joe's is now in Redding, CA

OK...so this might be a stretch, but in a conversation earlier today, it actually came up...for the Opening of Trader Joe's in Redding last Friday was definetly a shot in the arm for the business environment.

A huge crowd turned out at 9 AM on a cloudy and cold day...but it was a warm welcome for all. With the typical leis for all that entered, as well as delicious "sample" waffles, what more could us TJ cult members want.

Just today as I dropped in to pick up some salad, cereals, and my favorite triple ginger cookies, I thought how nice it is to do my daily shopping here at TJ's without the long drive to Chico or Sacramento.

So, yes, real estate in Redding is now more valuable, for TJ's is within a short drive from all of Redding and Shasta County.



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